Prosecutors Targeting Trump in New York With Serious Investigation

( – President Donald Trump is the leader the Left loves to hate. But, some are taking their seemingly endless attacks on the former president to the next level. This week, reports showed that Manhattan prosecutors honed in their tax investigations on one of Trump’s properties in Westchester County, New York.

In 1995, Donald Trump purchased a 213-acre property dubbed Seven Springs for $7.5 million. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Trump Organization was unable to develop it into a luxury subdivision, so they decided to turn it into a conservation easement valued at almost $291 million. The probe’s purpose is to figure out if Trump inflated his assets for tax or other financial gains.

Business Insider is following the story:

Seven Springs is one of many Trump assets being investigated by New York attorneys. But, as Trump himself would put it, this latest push to uncover dirt on the leader of the GOP is likely part of the Left’s continuing “witch hunt” to discredit him.

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