Protecting American Manufacturing in the New Year

Protecting American Manufacturing In The New Year

( – President Trump ran for office on a promise of safeguarding America’s manufacturing workers. They had faced years of falling wages and job insecurity thanks to uncontrolled immigration, foreign competition and a lack of interest from Washington. For four years, the president has been working hard to bring back manufacturing jobs to this country – but where do we go from here?

The Trump administration has identified China as the biggest threat to US manufacturing. Beijing uses predatory tactics to undercut prices, cutting demand for American goods. Since 2018, the president has retaliated by imposing tariffs on $250 billion of Chinese imports, making prices more competitive again. He’s focused on vital strategic products like steel and aluminum.

Last year, the president negotiated the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement to replace the failed NAFTA treaty. The new deal cuts the allowable foreign components in North American-made automobiles by a third, ensuring more parts are made in the US – an estimated $34-billion boost for American companies.

Trump has also renegotiated parts of the US-South Korea trade deal, gaining more protections for US jobs. In his first three years in office, 100,000 more jobs were created than in Obama’s second term. That’s the sort of record we need to keep building on.

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