Red State Attempts To Impeach Who?

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

On Thursday (May 25), the Texas House of Representatives investigative Committee recommended impeaching the state Attorney General Ken Paxton.

According to reporting by Fox 4, the Texas House Investigative Committee voted unanimously 5-0 to approve Paxton’s impeachment.

Paxton’s impeachment vote could take place as early as Friday (May 26).

According to Texas Legislation, if impeached, Paxton would need to leave his office immediately while he awaits a trial in the state’s Senate.

Thursday’s committee vote comes as the FBI is investigating Paxton for corruption over allegations that the Texas Attorney General used his office to help a donor.

In 2015, Paxton was indicted on securities and fraud charges but has yet to face trial for those charges.

Several aides in Paxton’s office worried that the attorney general abused his office’s authority to help his close friend and campaign donor Nate Paul, a Texas property developer, avoid a foreclosure on a $200 million property.

Paxton also allegedly revealed to staff members that he had an affair with a woman who worked for Paul.

In the articles of impeachment, lawmakers accuse Paxton of abusing the public information law, using his office to help a donor, firing employees who reported his “Unlawful” behavior, paying bribes, defrauding officials, and more.

Paxton has previously argued that the House investigation is politically motivated.

Chris Hilton, a lawyer in Paxton’s office, told reporters that the House investigation was “false” and “misleading” claims and full of “errors.”

Following news of the vote, the Attorney General ominously tweeted: “Overturning elections begins behind closed doors.”