REPORT: Dominion Voting Systems Have Ability to Create Ballots

REPORT: Dominion Voting Systems Have Ability to Create Ballots

( – Speculation over the legitimacy and security of Dominion Voting Systems continues. Reporters were recently able to get their hands on a user manual and buyers guide for the voting machines and have seen that the machines are able to do quite a bit – including printing ballots.

In August of 2018, Dominion Voting was working with Georgia’s Secretary of State to make a deal for a new voting system. A 77-page document outlines many of the options the state could purchase, including “Automated Test Deck Creation,” which can generate “a series

of pre-marked ballots” to conduct “Logic & Accuracy testing.”

The Gateway Pundit reports that Georgia purchased the “Automated Test Deck Creation” option, and Michigan and Philadelphia likely did as well.

Attorney Matthew DePerno uncovered more about these machines:

Using Dominion Voting Systems to tally our election was clearly not a good choice. We must call for demand investigations into just who was allowed inside this election software and what could have been done to the votes.

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