Republican Calls for Investigation Into Extremist Groups

Republican Calls for Investigation Into Controversial Groups

( – As Democrats push for an investigation into the events of January 6 and the budget to go with it, some Republicans are speaking out, including House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). This week, she gave a heartfelt, yet intense, rebuke of the Democrat’s proposal and pushed for an investigation into groups like BLM and Antifa that have done serious damage to our nation over the past year.

On Tuesday, May 18, Greene took the House floor to address the double standard set by Democrats. She highlighted that the radical Left movements destroyed over 360 small businesses last year and caused over $2 billion in riot damages. In cities such as Philadelphia, 30 police officers were injured in one day after hours of unrest, while Minneapolis experienced $55 million in riot damages from BLM and Antifa groups.

Greene’s full speech can be seen here:

Through this speech, Greene called out the double-standard Democrats who are refusing to acknowledge the millions of damages caused by these groups. Hopefully, other GOP lawmakers will echo Greene’s brave remarks to ensure all Americans are spoken for and protected by our nation’s government.

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