Republican Pushes Back Against Forced Racist Curricula

Republican Pushes Back Against Forced Racist Curricula

( – During his campaign, President Joe Biden aligned himself with “antiracist” educators that supported Critical Race Theory (CRT). Now, as president, Biden is trying to get this skewed programming into our nation’s schools. But, Republican South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem just announced she’s fighting back.

On Monday, May 24, Governor Noem wrote to her state’s Board of Regents to highlight her increasing concern of the Left’s attempts to “reject patriotic education and downplay the positive revolution in human affairs set in motion by our Founders.” She asked the board to protect South Dakota’s schools and universities by banning the harmful theories of CRT and the New York Times’ 1619 project from classrooms.

Noem shared more of her reasoning for the move on Twitter:

The Left’s insane push to rewrite American history is being met with hard pushback from stalwart Conservatives like Governor Noem. As we watch this play out, it’s likely other governors will urge their state’s boards and legislatures to ban CRT and similar theories in schools in order to preserve our American education system and our history.

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