Republican Reveals the Real Reason for Middle East Crisis

Republican Reveals the Real Reason for Middle East Crisis

( – It’s been almost two weeks since the Hamas terrorist group in Gaza launched its first rocket towards Jerusalem. The following 11 days involved airstrikes, missile launches, casualties, and destruction by both sides, much of it against civilians. Thankfully, overnight on Thursday, May 20, Egypt brokered a much-needed peace deal between Israel and Hamas, although both sides claimed they were victorious.

Many Republicans believe President Joe Biden is to blame, at least in part, for this crisis as he has lacked backbone and resolve when dealing with the Middle East and its various issues.

Ted Cruz Slams Biden for Dismissing Peace Accords

On Wednesday, May 19, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) spoke with Fox News’ Sean Hannity about the ongoing crisis in the Middle East. Cruz slammed the president, stating that “every one of those rockets might as well have Joe Biden’s name written on the side of it.” The Texas senator said Biden’s “appeasement, his moral relativism and ambiguity” all added fuel to the fire between the nations.

Cruz’s remarks are understandable as Biden strongly encouraged Israel to reach a cease-fire as soon as possible instead of unconditionally backing our ally in the Middle East.

In Comparison, Trump Brought Stability to the Middle East

During a briefing in DC, Senator Cruz reminisced about the singing of the Abraham Accords, which he was able to attend with then-President Donald Trump. He reminded reporters that, when the historic peace deal was signed, both UAE and Bahrain understood that the US now “stands unequivocally with Israel” and acknowledged they would follow suit.

Biden’s Lack of Backbone Certainly Did Not Stop the Conflict

Yet, soon after entering office, President Biden provided aid to the Palestinian Authority and backed off of President Trump’s vigorous support of Israel. This flip-flopping of American policy, combined with Biden’s desire to appease his radical supporters was certainly a large factor in the carnage that occurred over the past two weeks in the Middle East.

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