Republicans Install “Unique” Border Wall

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced on Thursday that they would be installing an inflatable border along the Southern border in an effort to make it harder for illegal immigrants to cross into the country. The floating barriers are going to be placed in areas blocking the pathway across the Rio Grande River, and the first 1,000 feet will be placed close to Eagle Pass.

From the photos that have been released so far, the inflatable barrier appears to be a string of inflatable spheres that when someone tries to climb on top of them in order to cross will spin.

Abbott’s office in their press release detailed how the inflatable barrier would be strategically placed in order to block those who would try to illegally cross into the country between ports of entry. It will also make it harder for immigrants to enter the U.S. by crossing the Rio Grande.

The announcement was not the only move that Abbott made recently in order to help secure the border. He also signed a package of six border security legislation bills that are meant to help the country deal with the surge in immigrants, weapons, and drugs that enter the country through the U.S.-Mexico border. In his statement when signing the bills, he noted that these would provide more tools to those working at the border to keep Texans and Americans safe.

Abbott has repeatedly blamed the situation at the border on President Biden, who as Abbott claims has failed to take action in order to secure the U.S. border.