RFK Getting Support From WHO?!

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

(RightIsRight.co) – Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign, following his announcement of an independent run in early October, has seen significant financial momentum, amassing over $7 million by December.

Interestingly, a substantial portion of this funding has come from donors who previously supported former President Donald Trump rather than Joe Biden.

A detailed analysis by Politico of the Federal Election Commission filings reveals that of the total funds raised, $5 million came from itemized donations exceeding $200.

Notably, about $224,000 of this amount was contributed by individuals who had donated to Trump’s 2020 campaign. In contrast, contributions from former Biden donors amounted to $105,000.

These figures indicate a trend that began during Kennedy’s time in the Democratic primary, suggesting his appeal to Trump’s supporter base in a three-way race against Trump and Biden in the upcoming presidential election.

However, Kennedy’s campaign has also seen substantial expenditures. Between October and December, the campaign spent $7.7 million, which is more than the amount raised during the same period. As of December 31, the campaign had $5.4 million in its account.

The major expenses included $1.1 million for staff salaries and $740,000 for campaign and digital media consulting. Additionally, significant funds were allocated to private security and media production, exceeding $500,000 and $464,000, respectively.

The campaign’s financial dynamics have also changed donor patterns. There was a noticeable drop in contributions from former Trump donors in the fourth quarter.

This change occurred after Kennedy ended his bid to challenge Biden in the Democratic primary and announced his intention to run as an independent, potentially positioning himself against Trump in the November election.