Right-Wing Victory!?

(RightIsRight.co) – Europeans are ditching the damaging left, as Marine Le Pen’s right-wing National Rally (RN) scored an emphatic victory in the first round of France’s parliamentary election by securing a huge percentage of the vote.

Le Pen beat President Emmanuel Macron’s Together alliance, which received less than 24%, while the left-wing coalition earned around 29%.

“The French people have shown that they want to draw a line under seven years of [Macron’s] disdainful rule. We haven’t won yet, the second round will be crucial. . . . We need an absolute majority so that Jordan Bardella, in eight days, can be appointed prime minister by Emmanuel Macron,” said Le Pen.

The final outcome, which is yet to be determined, hinges on a second round of voting. Le Pen’s RN needs 289 seats for a majority in the 577-seat National Assembly. Current projections show the RN falling short with 230 to 280 seats.

However, the week between rounds will see political maneuvering that could change these predictions. Turnout for the first round was high, with 66% of eligible voters participating.

Moreover, the results are a setback for President Macron, who called the snap election after his party’s defeat in the EU elections.

Finishing third on Sunday, Macron is expected to stay in office for his remaining three-year term. Nevertheless, what he can achieve with a parliament controlled or hindered by the RN is a concern for the political center and left.

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal said, “The extreme right is at the doors of power,” excoriating the RN while demanding of voters that “not one vote should go to National Rally.”

The prime minister’s plea may be ignored by a frustrated public dealing with inflation, immigration, and a diluted national identity.

“We vote by default, for the least worse option. I prefer to vote than do nothing,” disclosed 64-year-old Philippe Lempereur.

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