Ron DeSantis Asks Joe Biden to Stand Up to Cuba

Ron DeSantis Asks Joe Biden to Stand Up to Cuba

( – Cuban citizens have been incredibly brave and courageous recently as they protest the Cuban government and face violent pushback for their actions. Many Cubans have suffered for decades at the hand of the authoritarian regime, and are now demanding access to basic necessities like food, medicine and clean water. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has heard their cries, especially with so many Cuban immigrants living in his state, and is now pressuring President Joe Biden to do something about it.

DeSantis and Biden Host Rival Town Halls

On Wednesday, July 21, President Biden spoke at a town hall with CNN while DeSantis spoke during a Fox News town hall at roughly the same time. While the president tried to play himself off as a unifying leader once again without addressing major issues facing our nation or world, DeSantis used his opportunity to pressure the commander-in-chief to show courage just like the Cubans have done.

When speaking with host Sean Hannity, DeSantis highlighted how the Biden administration’s current stance of just a simple press release is “showing cowardice” about the situation, and instead encouraged the president to “step up and be on the side of freedom.”

How President Biden Could Actually Help Cuba and Its People

While the Communist regime is the main issue facing Cuba, there are things other countries can do to assist its people without directly taking down the government. Currently, most Cubans do not have any internet access and thus their communication, free press and much of their economy is completely shut down.

DeSantis spoke about multiple companies in the United States that have the capability of providing internet access to the island nation but need federal approval to do it. DeSantis highlighted this could “make a positive difference.” He went on to assert that if Biden continues to do nothing, “he’s leaving these folks out to dry” and the regime will only grow in power. Is that what the president wants?

Senator Marco Rubio Has Already Echoed DeSantis’ Ideas

In a July 12 letter, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) urged President Biden to condemn the Cuban dictatorship and “facilitate open and free satellite internet access” to Cuba. DeSantis also wrote a letter delivered to the president on Wednesday, again asking for him to consider allowing US companies to provide the Cuban people with internet access.

Biden is being offered a chance to act and change Cuba for the better. Is our president willing to set aside the fact that Republicans are making these requests of a Democratic president and actually help these people? Only time will tell.

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