Ron DeSantis Exposes Fake News By Media

Ron DeSantis Exposes Fake News By Media

( – The Left is getting creative in its attempts to discredit Republicans. The latest absurd situation sprung up as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) was using well-planned, appropriate measures to quickly distribute the COVID-19 vaccine in his state. But, rather than being shown as an efficient plan, CBS’ “60 Minutes” program edited an interview with the Governor to skew the true narrative.

Two weeks ago, DeSantis spoke with CBS’ Sharyn Alfonsi about his state’s vaccination program. During the interview, Alfonsi heavily implied that Florida engaged in a “pay-to-play” scenario with Publix, in which the grocery chain would donate to DeSantis’ PAC in order to be a vaccine provider in his state.

During the interview, DeSantis explained the entire situation and outlined how that was an utterly untrue claim. Publix has also publicly dismissed Alfonsi’s claims. But, CBS chose to edit out DeSantis’ explanation of the situation when it aired. Filmmaker and author Jack Posobiec shared the news:

The Florida governor has been applauded for his anti-shutdown measures, and as a result, his state’s economy is doing just fine. Perhaps the liberal media should stop attacking him for a moment and instead take notes on how to operate both safely and efficiently.

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