Ron DeSantis Signs Law Requiring Kids Be Taught Dangers of Communism

Ron DeSantis Signs Law Requiring Kids Be Taught Dangers of Communism

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has been busy the past year keeping his state thriving amidst the coronavirus pandemic. But, it turns out that’s not all the well-loved governor is doing. This week, DeSantis signed a variety of new bills into law, including one which will ensure students can express their opinions while learning the dangers of Communism.

On Tuesday, June 22, Governor DeSantis signed three bills that will “collectively strengthen civics instruction and civics literacy education” in the state’s schools, all the way from Kindergarten to college. The new laws require that public colleges and universities conduct a survey of their students and staff to determine the diversity of viewpoints represented and if people are comfortable sharing those differing opinions.

Florida state Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez applauded the bill, noting that her “family knows firsthand the dangers of Communism and the fatal consequences of totalitarian regimes” and wants Floridians to understand how to prevent that from happening in our nation.

One American was so excited by the news, she shared DeSantis’ press conference on Twitter:

With these new bills, DeSantis is securing the future of his state and our nation. By teaching our nation’s history, the reasons why our government is the way it is, and the evils of totalitarian regimes, he’s setting up the next generation of Americans to understand and appreciate freedom.

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