Royal Family Cover-up Bombshell

( – After a few months out of the public eye and quite a lot of intrigue regarding her health and what the Royal Family is trying to hide, metadata extracted from Kate Middleton’s suspicious Mother’s Day photo revealed a doubtful story.

Two timestamps were encountered while diving into the details encoded within the royal shot. The first timestamp, “2024-03-08T21:54:11Z,” suggested the initial edit transpired at 9:54 p.m. on Friday, March 8.

The second timestamp, “2024-03-09T09:39:47Z,” unveiled a subsequent edit at 9:39 a.m. the following morning. Princess of Wales acknowledged that she manipulated the photo at least twice before it went public but left a fog of uncertainty about its actual capture date.

The Royal Family’s decision to release the photo on Sunday aimed to dismiss the rumors regarding Middleton’s health, given her recent surgery and prolonged absence from public eye since December.

However, the photo’s evident edition inconsistencies only fanned the flames of conspiracy theories. Amateur detectives inspected the image and speculated whether it originated from an older photoshoot or was meticulously crafted from various sessions.

Middleton’s photo was analyzed and found to have been taken using a Canon SLR-style camera with an “EF50mm” lens attached.

Others feared the photo indicated something was seriously wrong with Middleton.

“Something is terribly wrong,” one source close to the situation told The Post. “The idea that Kate could not sit for one photo session tells me this is a much more dire situation than anyone knows.”

The timestamped edits were to change the digital fingerprints of Adobe Photoshop, the industry standard for photo manipulation.

While the metadata did not unravel the editor’s identity or the photo’s original capture date it disclosed that the edits occurred on an Apple computer.

Amidst increasing excitement from royal enthusiasts for the release of the unaltered original, the family remains reticent. The enigma surrounding Middleton’s photo persists leaving a void that has yet to be filled by transparency or a candid explanation.

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