Royal Family TRAGEDY – Again!

Members of the British Royal Family

( – Amid the recent tragedies the British Royal Family is currently facing, Princess Anne might be away from her royal duties for weeks as she recovers from head injuries and a concussion suffered during a horse-related accident.

The Princess Royal was rushed to the hospital over the weekend after sustaining head wounds at the Gatcombe Park estate.

Under medical supervision, King Charles’ former butler Grant Harrold said her absence would have a “big impact on her.”

“Anne could be out of royal duties for the next few days or even weeks,” Harrold explained. “As one of the hardest-working members of the Royal family, it’s going to have a big impact on her.”

The 73-year-old Princess was injured by a horse during a Sunday evening stroll on the grounds of the royal residence.

“This incident will probably make Anne even more determined to ensure it doesn’t happen again,” Harrold added.

Moreover, Princess Anne’s husband, Sir Timothy Laurence, along with her daughter Zara Tindall and son Peter Phillips, were all present on the estate at the time of the accident.

Other senior members of the royal family were informed of Anne’s injuries on Sunday night.

“I know she will want to recover quickly so she can get back to her royal duties,” Harrold said on behalf of Slingo. “She’s somebody who wants to get on with what she’s expected to do.”

Anne — the late Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip’s only daughter — has canceled all her official duties for this week, including a State Visit and a trip to Canada.

Therefore, her spokesperson said, “On doctors’ advice, Her Royal Highness’s engagements for the week ahead will be postponed. Her Royal Highness sends her apologies to any who may be inconvenienced or disappointed as a result.”

Additionally, the Princess is known for her riding prowess. She won the individual European Three-Day Event at Burghley in 1971 and represented Great Britain in the 1976 Olympics in Montreal.

Earlier this month, the Princess Royal rode on horseback during the King’s Trooping the Colour ceremony.

During the procession, she struggled to control her horse, trying to maintain her composure as it acted up while she rode next to two royal guards.

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