Rudy Giuliani Says Democrats Now Suffering From “Intellectual Dishonesty” Over Witch Hunt

Rudy Giuliani Says Democrats Now Suffering From

( – Attorney Rudy Giuliani has been under a vicious attack for his association with and defense of former President Donald Trump ever since the 2020 election. In a recent interview with Newsmax, Trump’s personal attorney highlighted that prosecutors at the state and federal level, including the New York appeals court that recently suspended his law license, are experiencing a shocking amount of “intellectual dishonesty.”

During the interview on Monday, July 12, with “Greg Kelly Reports,” attorney Giuliani defended his long-held position that everything he said after the 2020 election “was based on the testimony of other people.” He ensured listeners he submitted his own affidavit and has over 300 additional ones to back up everything he claimed over the past few months about election and voter fraud. Yet, the New York appeals court ignored his straightforward claims and chose to reject his license anyway.

One conservative who still lives in the progressive state of New York boiled down Giuliani’s predicament for her followers:

President Trump has continued to support Giuliani throughout the Democrat-led witch hunt against him. Hopefully, the Left’s lack of integrity surrounding their allegations against the attorney come to light to show the nation their true colors.

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