Satanic Chaplains in Schools?!

( – A law recently enacted in Florida could potentially open the doors of public schools to satanic chaplains, as a response to Governor Ron DeSantis’s initiative to integrate more religious elements into education.

This move comes from members of the Satanic Temple, who are ready to volunteer as chaplains under the new state law that welcomes external organizations to offer “additional counseling and support to students.”

HB 931 allows each school district to implement its own chaplaincy programs and only requires the listing of a volunteer’s religious affiliation “if any.”

DeSantis has been vocal about the law’s purpose to reinforce Christian principles in schools.

At a signing event, DeSantis said that without the bill, “You’re basically saying that God has no place [on campus]. That’s wrong.”

The Satanic Temple views this development as an opportunity to demonstrate the need for genuine religious equality in schools.

They argue that if Christian chaplains are given access to impressionable young students, they should be afforded the same rights.

Satanic Temple co-founder Lucien Greaves criticized the push for more religious influence in schools as a breach of the separation between church and state.

He said, “You have theocrats pushing further and further, signing unconstitutional bills into law, and they realize there’s no consequence.”

Despite the law’s recent enactment and the current summer recess in schools, the Satanic Temple has members set to participate if any of Florida’s 67 counties or charter school governing bodies opt into DeSantis’s chaplain program.

This is not the first time satanic followers have mobilized in response to religious freedom laws.

In 2013, when former Governor Rick Scott enacted a law promoting religious activities in schools, the Satanic Temple gained attention and eventually deterred some school districts from embracing the law fully.

Moreover, the temple has been active nationally, setting up After School Satan Clubs as a counter to religious groups using fear tactics on school campuses.

DeSantis has openly rejected the notion of Satanic chaplains in Florida schools, stating at the law’s signing, “Some have said that if you do a school chaplain program that, somehow, you’re going to have satanists running around in all our schools. We’re not playing those games in Florida. You don’t have to worry about that.”

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