Satanic Worship Tree Where?!

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( – Stirring up controversy and discussions about inclusivity and freedom of expression, a shocking Satanic Temple tree was displayed at a Wisconsin Christmas festival.

The tree, part of the National Railroad Museum’s Festival of Trees, angered people, while the event host defended its presence to keep an “inclusive organization.”

Conservative political operative Matt Batzel voiced his disapproval on X (formerly known as Twitter), stating, “Outrageous! National Railroad Museum features a Satanic worship tree.” In response to the criticism, museum CEO Jacqueline Frank defended the decision, emphasizing the importance of maintaining inclusivity.

Only six of the 66 trees showcased at the festival are Christian, while the Satanic Temple tree is one of the 60 non-Christian entries. Frank explained that she thoroughly vetted the Satanic Temple of Wisconsin for potential promotion of violence or adult content but found no grounds to prohibit its participation in the event, traditionally associated with the Christian holiday.

Frank clarified the museum’s stance, stating, “We’re not a religious organization. We focus on trains. And, honestly, the Christmas tree is used by so many different secular and religious organizations. All we’re doing is putting up decoration in that room.”

Frank suggested that canceling the Satanic tree would be even more contentious. She defended the decision, asserting the museum’s commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable regardless of their beliefs.

Frank expressed, “Who am I to suddenly say… this thing that is your belief system and outside the mainstream is bad? I think there’s a lot to be said of being able to include everybody, to respect everyone, and to provide dignity for everybody.”

Frank affirmed that the Satanic Temple would be welcome back in the next year’s tree festival, maintaining a non-discriminatory approach. She stated, “We’re not discriminating against anyone,” emphasizing the museum’s support for any religion or secular organization that adheres to the guidelines and wishes to decorate a tree.