Saving Private Ryan Actor Perfectly Sums Up Hollywood Elitism

Adam Goldberg

( – Adam Goldberg was excellent in the spectacularly good and gripping film Saving Private Ryan, and now he is spreading the truth about Will Smith that you’ll never hear from the Hollywood elite.

If only more actors and actresses had the guts to tell the truth about Hollywood.

As Breitbart notes in” ‘Saving Private Ryan’ Actor Adam Goldberg on Will Smith: ‘Hollywood Protects Their Elite'”:

“Actor Adam Goldberg has expressed disgust at Will Smith’s physical assault on Chris Rock at the Oscars while also slamming the Hollywood industry at large for the way it protected Smith that night.

“In a tweet Tuesday, Adam Goldberg argued that Hollywood enacts a double standard by allowing A-list talent like Smith to get away with atrocious behavior that it would not tolerate from non-celebrities.

“‘Hollywood protects their elite,’ the Saving Private Ryan actor wrote, adding ‘Smith’s A-list status entitled him to violence and robbing all the other winners of their night. If an editor or God forbid a grip of any color had rushed the stage and slapped a presenter, game over, arrested.'”

Three cheers for Adam Goldberg. At least one actor has the cajones to speak the truth about how Hollywood protects the “elite” actors when anyone else would be hauled off to jail fr what Smith did on Sunday night at the Oscars.

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