Say Goodbye to CNN?!?

Chris Licht

( – Millions of Americans have already said goodbye to watching ultra-liberal CNN. With ratings still plummeting for the once mighty cable news giant, it may soon be a station where the remaining viewers say adios.

As the New York Post notes in its exclusive piece headlined “CNN ratings continue to tank as boss Chris Licht ‘has work cut out for him'”:

CNN continues to hemorrhage viewers as new cable news boss Chris Licht scrambles to remake the primetime and morning lineups in an effort to reorient the channel toward more centrist reporting.

The embattled cable network has fallen even further behind perennial leader Fox News and the slightly revamped MSNBC, according to the latest ratings.

“‘CNN is in a bad place. The ratings are down really dramatically year over year,’ said one seasoned media exec. ‘I’m not sure the company understands how hard it is [to dig out].'” [emphasis added]

What does the cable news landscape look like right now?

“In August, Fox News dominated with nine shows making the top 10 highest-rated cable news shows. Only MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow eked out a fourth-place ranking with 2.7 million viewers, lagging behind Fox’s “The Five” (3.4 million), “Tucker Carlson Tonight” (3.3 million), “Hannity” (2.9 million), and “Jesse Watters Primetime” (2.9 million).

The only CNN show to crack the top 25 was “Anderson Cooper 360” — in 25th place with 950,000 viewers.” [emphasis added]

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