Schumer Gushes Over MLB After GOP Betrayal

Chuck Schumer Gushes Over MLB After They Betray GOP

( – After the tumultuous election season Georgia experienced, state lawmakers have been working hard to pass legislation that secures election integrity while ensuring everyone who has a legal right to vote can do so. But, after the legislature passed its incredible bill finalizing these issues, Major League Baseball (MLB) pulled their 2021 All-Star Game from the state, stating their disagreement with the new voting laws. Not surprisingly, this caused quite the kerfuffle on Twitter.

After MLB announced the game’s departure from Atlanta, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) tweeted the following:

But, his invitation was quickly met with pushback from the Right as it pointed out the restrictive voting rules in his own state. Georgia’s governor shared his thoughts:

Similarly, former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker compared the laws to his own:

Conservatives all across the nation are calling out Schumer’s hypocrisy and criticizing the MLB for its choice to move the All-Star game. Georgia’s new voting laws provide confidence in our elections and will make election fraud incredibly difficult to carry out. These are the laws we want to see in our nation and should be supporting.

Baseball has been known as one of America’s favorite sports, now that politics is in the fray, who knows how the fans will react?

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