Sean Hannity Calls CNN Host “Fake News Humpty Dumpty”

Sean Hannity Calls CNN Host

( – Some rivalries in mainstream media run deep, such as the one between the progressive left CNN and right-leaning Fox News. CNN host Brian Stelter was egging on this rivalry recently when he attempted to discredit Fox News’ Sean Hannity. But, most of his insult attempts have fallen flat. Now, Hannity has nicknamed the CNN host a “fake news Humpty Dumpty.”

On Sunday, June 27, Stelter spoke about Hannity on his show “Reliable Sources.” He said the Fox News host was “spouting poison” and sewing political divisions in our nation. Without missing a beat, however, Hannity shot back on Monday, June 28 during his evening show, shared here by the New York Post:

Hannity highlighted how Stelter “not only claims to be the great arbiter of truth, but now according to him, he’s also the arbiter of what are acceptable opinions.” The Fox News host also highlighted how the “pro-stalker Humpty” only sold 1738 copies of his book “Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth” its first week. In a similarly depressing number, Stelter’s show only has around 700,000 viewers.

Hannity is ready to play ball with Stelter, although the CNN host may not be able to take on Hannity’s passion for truth and justice. This spat also shows that CNN’s ratings are not holding up well in our current political climate, and that Conservatives understand that CNN no longer represents America’s values.

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