Secret Service Agent Was Bitten By Joe Biden’s Dog, Emails Now Prove

Secret Service Agent Was Bitten By Joe Biden's Dog, Emails Now Prove

( – Dogs have been in and out of the White House since George Washington was president. These canines are often beloved parts of the first family’s narrative while in office, but one of President Joe Biden’s dogs has turned out to be far from that.

The conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit earlier this year to access emails surrounding Biden’s 3-year-old German Shepherd dog, Major, and his aggression issues. In March 2020, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed Major gave “someone in the White House” a “minor injury” but failed to provide the full story.

According to the emails obtained by Judicial Watch, Major actually bit a security agent or officer “every day the week (3/1 – 3/8) causing damage to attire or bruising/punctures to the skin.” After that, the Bidens sent both dogs to their home in Wilmington, Delaware.

While getting the dogs out of the White House was certainly the right decision. One reporter asked Psaki how the American people can trust the administration to be transparent on big issues when they can’t even be transparent on small ones like Major’s aggression issues:

Psaki evaded the reporter’s question and instead highlighted that Major would receive “additional training” while living in Delaware. Looking at this news, though, many Americans are questioning what else the Biden administration has covered up over the past few months.

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