Security Threat to Air Force One Sparks Investigation

Air Force One

( – A security breach in which shots were fired against an intruder occurred at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, the home base of Air Force One. The incident has sparked a major investigation.

The security incident was first announced in a tweet by Joint Bases Andrews, which informed that an unidentified man managed to enter a base housing area at about 11:30 am.

A base resident opened fire on the intruder, who was arrested when security arrived at the scene.

According to the initial announcement, the security breach incident did not result in injuries or property damage.

“A resident discharged a firearm, security forces arrived on scene to apprehend the intruder, and law enforcement is investigating the incident,” Joint Base Andrews’ tweet said.

Besides Air Force One, Joint Base Andrews also hosts other aircraft for the President of the United States, such as a doomsday 747 airplane designed as an airborne nuclear command center in the event of a nuclear war.

In a subsequent statement, Chief Master Sergeant of the base, JoAnne Bass, revealed that her husband, Rahn Bass, was the person who fired on the intruder.

“We appreciate the outpouring of support we received after this incident. I can confirm that my husband, Rahn, was involved, and is safe, thanks to the quick response and professionalism of our Security Forces Airmen,” CMSgt Bass stated, as cited by The Daily Mail.

Bass joined the US Air Force in 1993 and is its top enlisted leader, while her husband served in the US Army for 27 years before retiring.

In subsequent remarks by the Air Force, it said it had no further information to add about Monday’s incident.

The report notes that the security breach has become a cause of concern for the security of the President.

The latest security breach at Joint Base Andrews is not the first. Two years ago, in February 2021, a man got beyond the military checkpoint.

The intruder then got on a C-40, the US military’s 737-equivalent aircraft, which flies government officials.

Before that, however, the unauthorized man managed to roam the base freely for five hours. He was only caught after an airman thought the mouse ears cap the intruder was wearing was weird.

An investigation into the case discovered three security failings – at the security checkpoint, onto the flight line, and at a parked airplane.

In another incident, in March 2022, a 17-year-old was caught after driving a stolen car through a checkpoint shortly before US Vice President Kamala Harris arrived at the base.

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