See What 56% Of Voters Say About the IRS

( – More than half of American voters agree with the Republican Party’s push to kill additional funding for the Internal Revenue Service approved by the Democrat majority in the previous US Congress, a new poll has found.

In the first act of the new Congress, which convened at the start of the month, the GOP majority in the House of Representatives voted to kill the $10 billion in additional funding for the IRS, which would have allowed the service to hire 87,000 extra tax agents.

Conservatives and other critics of the taxation agency reforming warned it could lead to increased targeting of middle-class Americans for tax inspections.

A new public opinion survey by Rasmussen Polls discovered that 56% of likely American voters approve of the Republican-led decision House vote to kill the IRS expansion.

The number includes 40% of the US voters who say they “strongly approve” of the decision.

The survey found slightly more than one-third of the likely voters in the United States – or 37% – disapprove of the GOP move to stop the extra money to the tax authority.

That includes 24% who “strongly disapprove” of the vote to that end in the US House of Representatives.

Another 7% of the likely US voters polled said they were “unsure” whether the canceling of the IRS boost was a good or bad thing.

According to the poll findings, the Republican Party’s initiative to block the Democrats’ planned expansion of the tax agency was approved by the majority in all political affiliation groups – even though the majority among Democrat and independent voters are smaller.

Thus, 64% of likely Republican Party voters said they favor the reversal of the extra IRS funding and President Joe Biden’s plans for its expansion.

In defiance of the Biden administration’s policies, however, the same position was shared by 52% of prospective Democratic Party voters.

The same share of independents – 52% – also expressed a view against the left’s push to expand the tax authority.

The Rasmussen Polls survey on how Americans perceived the Republican reversal of Biden’s IRS plan was carried out between January 10 and January 12

It questioned 900 likely Republican, Democrat, or independent voters through telephone and online interviews.

The Rasmussen public opinion poll has a margin of error of 3 percentage points.

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