Shocking Number of Deaths Confirmed By Border Official

Shocking Number of Deaths Confirmed By Border Official

( – The trip to the United States from nations to our south is treacherous, as migrants must travel through unforgiving mountain terrain or thick desert brush for miles on end, often in blazing temperatures. This difficult journey coupled with President Joe Biden’s lackadaisical border policy has caused the death toll near the US-Mexico border to rise, with summer heat likely to cause the number to go even higher.

On Tuesday, June 8, chief patrol agent Austin Skero of US Border Patrol Del Rio spoke on Fox Business’ “Cavuto: Coast to Coast.” He noted that around 49 people have died from exposure or drowning this year, and the US border patrol has saved nearly 1,300 more. Similarly, a sheriff’s deputy in Brooks County, Texas told the Washington Post that his team has recovered 34 human bodies this year of people who were trying to cross the border.

The Washington Post dove deeper into the death tolls and how US manpower will be focused on rescue operations this summer:

President Biden and his team made it clear to other nations that the border is easier to cross than it was under President Trump. This encouraged migrants to attempt the deadly journey, and many are paying the ultimate price. This mayhem must be addressed before more innocent people lose their lives.

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