Shots Fired at Team Reviewing GA Absentee Ballots

Shots Fired at Team Reviewing GA Absentee Ballots

( – Georgia has been bombarded with questions and lawsuits involving its questionable election practices and alleged voter fraud this past November. Thankfully, though, on December 30, the state legislature voted to let inventor and forensics expert Jovan Hutton Pulitzer look for fraud in Georgia’s Fulton County ballots. But, Pulitzer’s team is now under attack.

On Sunday, January 3, Pulitzer shared that one of his team member’s homes was shot at multiple times:

This comes while his team is looking for fraud in election ballots to see if they were actually folded and mailed or illegally delivered to the counting location. The investigation can also reveal if they were filled out by a human or machine. Pulitzer shared more about the investigative technology here:

Questions about Georgia’s ability to run a free and fair election still run rampant as the state ramps up for the special election on Tuesday, January 5. As this next runoff vote could swing the Senate to either side, it’s critical that our citizens can have confidence in both the election process and our government.

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