Socialism on the Rise in America, Expert Discovers

Socialism on the Rise in America, Expert Discovers

( – The Radical Left seems to have crept into nearly every aspect of media, culture and society. So, it’s not surprising that their socialist views are also taking over companies. As CEOs begin using their economic might to push their political views, some experts believe this is the rise of corporate socialism in America.

After Major League Baseball moved its All-Star Game from Georgia to Colorado last week in what was said to be a protest of the Peach State’s new voting laws, many Americans were understandably alarmed. So, Former New York University professor Michael Rectenwald spoke with the Epoch Times about how the corporate world is beginning to take hold of socialist ideology, shared here by author Petr Svab:

Rectenwald highlighted how many businesses are aligning themselves with the current administration and mainstream media in order to be looked favorably upon by the government and the Democratic party. Rectenwald likened this to the same way the Chinese Communist Party operates.

As we begin to see companies adopting “wokeness” toward socialism trends to further their bottom line, we can choose to put our money into companies whose values we support and trust.

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