Stallone Did What With Daughters?

( – Highlighting the lengths a father is willing to go to protect his daughters, Sylvester Stallone made a move similar to a cinematic training montage due to residing in the dangerous liberal bastion of New York.

Concerned for their well-being, Stallone enlisted Navy SEALs to impart self-defense techniques to his daughters in a regimen that included an homage to Rocky’s chicken chase.

25-year-old Sistine shared in an interview the intensity of their wilderness training: a six-hour ordeal that left them exhausted but more resilient, which showcases the lengths their father went to ensure their preparedness for city life.

This was not their first encounter with Stallone’s unique training methods, as both sisters recounted childhood mornings filled with physical exercises and a peculiar breakfast designed to “bulk up.”

Their Paramount+ reality series, “The Family Stallone,” captures these moments like the humorous task of chasing a chicken in a nod to their father’s iconic role. Sistine humorously admitted she underestimated the task and found herself outsmarted by the chicken.

21-year-old Scarlet said she was relieved she avoided the rigorous boot camp since she was living in Miami, though her visits to New York brought their own challenges including a comical yet startling encounter with a particularly large rat.

Transitioning from Los Angeles to New York, the sisters humorously suggested that the city’s rats could detect their outsider status. Despite having spent a year in New York the idea of living there continues to worry their father, who is a Hell’s Kitchen native known for his protective nature over his three daughters navigating life in a bustling city.

To ease their father’s concerns, their mother, Jennifer Flavin, keeps tabs on their whereabouts through a location-sharing app, though Scarlet prefers a bit more privacy.

Maintaining a close-knit relationship with their parents who now live in Palm Beach, Florida, the Stallone sisters shared snippets of their daily lives through a family text chat filled with dinner photos and candid shots of their father, which reinforces the familial bonds that persist despite the distance and the busy life in the Big Apple.