Starbucks Considering Leaving Huge Social Media Platform

Starbucks Considering Leaving Huge Social Media Platform

( – Just about every major company advertises on Facebook and uses the platform to help cultivate its brand. But, after a slew of hateful comments left on some of Starbucks’ recent posts, the coffee giant is considering leaving the major social media site for good.

On Thursday, May 6, BuzzFeed News published an article disclosing information provided to them by a Facebook employee who helps manage the tech giant’s relationship with Starbucks. According to the report, the major coffee chain is “in the process of evaluating its organic presence on FB” because of “negative/insensitive, hate speech related comments on their posts.”

Reporter Jack Posobiec shared more about the situation:

Understandably, Facebook is worried about losing out on advertising revenue if other large brands follow suit. It has been targeted by different boycotts over the years, although none have been fully successful. The social media platform still managed to take in over $86 billion in revenue last year. But, if other major businesses start reconsidering their advertising relationship with the social media giant, it could seriously hurt its bottom line.

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