State Emergency Cripples California

State Emergency Cripples California

( – Every summer, strong winds, excruciating heat and long periods of time without rain plague California and its residents. This year is no different, with those same conditions having created yet another record-breaking disaster: the Dixie Fire. Now, with nearly half a million acres wiped out by fire, California is struggling with enormous amounts of smoke and destruction on top of its burdensome economic problems from COVID-19.

The Dixie Fire began on July 13 in the Sierra Nevada mountains and has destroyed over 400 buildings. It decimated the town of Greenville, California last week and is only 21% contained according to Cal Fire. The Complex Fire last summer was started by multiple small lighting strikes, and destroyed one million acres. However, over the weekend, the Dixie Fire has eclipsed that previous fire to become the largest single-source fire in the state’s history.

Mike Sington, a reporter on all things California, shared pictures of the horrific fire:

The Dixie Fire is devastating an already crippled economy. The list of evacuation orders is now eight pages long and covers four counties, upsetting the lives and livelihoods of many Californians. This is simply exacerbating the already troubled economic state California has been experiencing after months of draconian lockdown measures. If something doesn’t change soon, California may have quite a bit of trouble getting up off its feet once all is said and done.

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