Staying Safe During Predicted Civil Unrest

Staying Safe During Predicted Civil Unrest

( – After the incursion at the US Capitol on Wednesday January 6, many Americans remain concerned about additional violence in the coming days. Mainstream media has focused on alerting citizens to the likelihood of unrest in all 50 states, but they’ve done little more than conjure up fear. While there could be unrest, there are steps to take to protect you and your family during this time.

First off, avoid highly-populated areas and city centers where protests are likely to occur. Most states are increasing security at official government buildings:

To ensure you can stay home for as long as you need, gather necessary food and toiletry items, including medications, ahead of time. Ensure your electronics are charged and get a generator if you can. Stay indoors and lock your windows. Technology can keep us connected to friends and loved ones, as well as give us the ability to call emergency responders if needed.

One of the most important things to do if you’re worried about yourself or others is to stay together. Remember, this is a time to come together as a nation, so reach out to friends and family to reassure them of the wonderful heart of our nation and the fact that we will make it through the coming months and years together.

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