Stephen Miller: Alternate Electors to Vote for Trump

Stephen Miller: Alternate Electors to Vote for Trump

( – Many states certified their popular votes for Joseph Biden, meaning that their Democrat electors cast their votes at state legislatures on Monday, December 14. This typically is when election results are finalized. However, White House advisor Stephen Miller said that alternate electors will cast their votes for President Donald Trump and send their results in as well.

As President Trump continues to fight for the next presidency, this alternate group of electors is key to securing the path to the White House for another four years. The Trump campaign is still pursuing additional lawsuits and legal battles, hoping to win back a few key swing states.

If widespread fraud is proven, some swing states could decertify their votes and call their vote for Trump instead. If this happens, the fact these alternate Republican electors already voted for Trump will make it an easy transition to a second term.

Miller shares more on Fox & Friends:

This election is one of the most contested in US history, but the intense accusations of fraud and recounts are not unprecedented. So, as Americans continue to sift through information, we must demand transparency in our elections and learn precisely what happened to our votes in the days following November 3.

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