Steve Bannon Slams Nikki

( – In a crucial moment ahead of the 2024 election, a former strategist for Donald Trump recently expressed strong opposition to the idea of Nikki Haley serving as Trump’s running mate in the upcoming presidential race.

Steve Bannon’s comments, made on the “Human Events Daily With Jack Posobiec” podcast, reflect a brewing conflict within the Republican Party over the potential vice presidential pick.

Bannon predicts a significant internal battle as GOP establishment figures may push for Haley, citing her ability to attract the 15% of Republican voters who are staunchly anti-Trump. He believes that Haley’s inclusion on the ticket is seen as a way to balance the dynamics and appeal to a broader voter base. However, Bannon firmly rejects this strategy, labeling Haley as a “viper” and asserting that her presence in any capacity within a Trump administration would lead to its failure.

Drawing a parallel to Dick Cheney’s influential role in George W. Bush’s administration, Bannon argues that Haley would attempt to dominate Trump’s administration, much like Cheney did with Bush. This comparison underscores Bannon’s concerns about Haley’s potential impact on Trump’s leadership and policy direction.

The speculation about Haley as a vice presidential candidate comes amid reports that Trump has been consulting his allies and advisers about her suitability for the role. These consultations have reportedly yielded mostly negative responses.

Adding to the discussion, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican, suggested that Haley could be a strategic choice for Trump. Speaking at the New York Times DealBook Summit, McCarthy emphasized the importance of selecting a vice presidential candidate who adds to the ticket, rather than one who mirrors Trump’s own appeal. He pointed out that Haley could potentially attract voters who are currently opposed to Trump.

Haley, who served as U.N. ambassador under Trump, initially had a positive relationship with the former president. However, their relationship soured after she announced her presidential bid and Trump criticized her for previously stating she would not run if he did. Trump’s derogatory nickname for Haley, “birdbrain,” and his public dismissal of her capabilities have further strained their relationship.

Haley’s rising popularity in the polls, where she’s secured second place behind Trump in some surveys, indicates her growing influence within the Republican Party. This development adds complexity to the party’s dynamics as it navigates the upcoming presidential election and the potential for a Trump-Haley ticket.