Stunner: This Liberal Country Just Went Conservative


( – In a shocking turn of events that stunned liberals worldwide as it may be a harbinger of things to come, Sweden shifted from a liberal to a conservative government following the latest election.

As CNBC noted in “Right-wing parties win Swedish election in historic political overhaul“:

Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson has conceded defeat in the country’s close-fought election, paving the way for the far-right Sweden Democrats and allied parties to attempt to form a government.

“The center-left Social Democrats, led by Andersson, received 30.3% of the vote, reaffirming its position as the country’s largest party with almost all the votes counted.

“However, the left-of-center parties — the Social Democrats, along with three others — failed to achieve a majority in Sweden’s 349-seat parliament, or Riksdag.

“Instead, a right-wing group of parties, led by Ulf Kristersson’s center-right Moderates, looks to have won a narrow majority of seats, and will have the first go at forming an administration.” [emphasis added]

As is the case in the United States of America, immigration seemingly played a prominent role in the outcome.

“This so-called “blue bloc” includes the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats. The party, once shunned by the political establishment, recorded its best election result yet with 20.5% of the vote.

“It represents a historic turning point in Swedish politics.” [emphasis added]

One analyst opined that Democrats in the United States are extremely concerned that the immigration policies of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will result in significant losses for the Democrats in the upcoming midterm congressional elections less than two months away.