Stunning New Development In CNN Host Case

Chris Cuomo

( – The more we learn about what was going on with more than a few high-ranking executives and at least one show host at CNN, the more it becomes apparent that CNN was (maybe still is) a disgusting news operation where women were not safe.

It’s quite the pathetic and dangerous irony given how CNN pretends to be “woke” and pretends to be all about empowering women. Yet, the truth is – as a few departing female executives and at least one woman show host has alleged – CNN was not a healthy environment for women. And that’s putting it far too mildly.

As the New York Post is reporting in a series of new allegations against now-fired Chris Cuomo:

“Chris Cuomo allegedly attacked a female ABC News temp worker when she denied his proposition…during a “lunch” in his office, it was revealed on Tuesday.

“The accusation was made to CNN lawyers in December hours after Cuomo was suspended for advising his brother, then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo, how to dodge his own harassment accusations, according to the New York Times. The CNN host was fired days later.”

The alleged details are sordid:

“Chris Cuomo, 51, had invited the “young” worker to his office for lunch on the pretext of giving her advice on obtaining full-time employment at the network in 2011, according to the report…

“When she declined his advance, he reportedly attacked her, the letter alleged.”

We’ve left a few of the truly awful allegations out for the sake of decency, but as you can imagine, what Cuomo is accused of is beyond disgusting, and no woman should ever endure what this innocent young woman says Cuomo did to her.

And yes, we realize this was while Cuomo was at ABC. But rarely does a tiger change its stripes.

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