Stunning Trump Poll Results Has GOP Up In Arms

Happening Now: If he decides to run in the 2024 Presidential Election, it certainly appears that former President Donald J. Trump is in the driver’s seat when it comes to winning the Republican Party’s nomination, given a new poll that shows him beating all other potential Republican candidates.

According to Newsmax, “Among Republicans, 60% said they wanted Trump to run again for president in the next election,” according to¬†the December¬†I&I/TIPP Poll released on Tuesday.”

Other data from the poll include:

  • “None of the 15 other potential Trump challengers for the GOP nomination listed in the poll were close, with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis the highest at 11% backing among Republicans, followed by former Vice President Mike Pence at 9%, “not sure” at 5%, and no one else getting more than 3%.”
  • “Among independents, 17% want Trump run in 2024…”
  • “Among all registered voters from whichever party, 24% said they wanted Trump to run again…”

Finally, in the same poll, there’s extremely bad news for Joe Biden as “only 37% of Democrats want Biden to try for a second term in 2024.”

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