Supreme Court Asks Congress For Money

Photo by Ian Hutchinson on Unsplash

Following the arrest of a man near Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home, the Supreme Court is asking Congress for an additional $12.4 million to fund better protection of the Supreme Court Justices.

On Thursday (March 9), the Judiciary’s annual budget requests were made public.

It included a request for an increase of $5.9 million for the Supreme Court’s police protective activities and an increase of $6.5 million for physical security to reinforce the Supreme Court building.

Elaborating on the requests, the document states the increases have been requested because of “evolving risks” that have been identified through “on-going threat assessments.”

The document explains the funding will allow the appointment of “contract positions” that would eventually transition into “full-time” employment and would “augment” the capabilities of the Supreme Court, allowing it to “accomplish its protective mission.”

The request comes months after a man was arrested close to Kavanaugh’s home and charged with attempted murder after he told officials he wanted to kill the Justice.

The incident came after the leak of the draft opinion to overturn Roe v Wade.

Kavanaugh was one of five conservative Justices who joined the majority in the opinion upon its official release.

The official opinion mimicked much of the draft opinion, ending federal protections for abortion.

After the opinion leak, Congress allowed additional funding to extend security for justices to protect their family members and “any” office of the bench, should the court consider it necessary.

Following the arrest and constant threats to Justices, officials erected a seven-foot black security fence that remained in place for four months.