Supreme Court Blocks Biden Administration’s National Eviction Moratorium

Supreme Court Blocks Biden Administration’s National Eviction Moratorium

( – Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Democrats repeatedly used it as an excuse for power grabs to bloat the federal government’s reach. President Joe Biden’s eviction moratorium was once such a move, but the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) just ruled against any extensions to the program by the CDC in a huge win for landlords across the nation.

On Thursday, August 26, the SCOTUS released an unsigned opinion on the issue, highlighting that the CDC did not have the authority to order or extend the eviction ban. The high court emphasized that it must be “up to Congress, not the CDC, to decide whether the public interest merits further action here.”

Three liberal justices dissented from the opinion, voting in favor of extending the moratorium to help keep COVID-19 rates down.

The SCOTUS blog shared more about the high court’s reasoning for striking down the CDC’s rule on Twitter:

This latest ruling was the most recent against the Biden administration. Earlier last week, SCOTUS ruled that the administration must reinstate Trump’s policy to keep asylum seekers outside our country until it’s time for them to make their plea. With these two rulings, the high court is reminding President Biden and his cabinet that they get their power from the people, not the other way around.

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