Suspected Terrorist/Illegal Alien Remained in U.S. For Weeks

U.S. Border Patrol

( – An illegal alien on the terrorism watch list was allowed to stay in the United States for weeks even after he was identified as a suspected terrorist.

As National Review recounts based on the reporting of Fox News in “Border Patrol Let Suspected Terrorist Remain in U.S. for Two Weeks: Report“:

“U.S. Border Patrol allowed a suspected terrorist, who was released after crossing the southern border, to remain in the country for nearly two weeks before authorizing his arrest.

“The individual in question was Isnardo Garcia-Amado, 35-year-old citizen of Colombia, who crossed into the U.S. on April 18th near Yuma, Arizona, Fox News reported. After crossing the border, per normal protocol, he was registered with U.S. Border Patrol, given a GPS tracking band, and released into the country with a date for a hearing before an immigration judge.” [emphasis added]

And here is the kicker:

“Three days later, the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center flagged Garcia-Amado’s name after reviewing entry logs by U.S. Border Patrol…Though the FBI flagged Garcia-Amado’s name on that date, April 21st, ICE did not receive authorization to arrest him until May 4th, a full 13 days after he had entered the U.S. He was found less than 48 hours later, in Pinellas Country, Fla., on May 6th. He is presently in ICE custody, awaiting deportation to Colombia.” [emphasis added]

As one terrorism expert told Right Is Right, the totality of the circumstances in this reported case shows how inept the United States government is at first identifying suspected terrorists as they cross the border and then appropriately apprehending them for deportation or prosecution.

What is your opinion? Please email [email protected] and share your thoughts and views about an illegal alien who is also a suspected terrorist being allowed to enter and stay in the United States after being apprehended crossing the Mexican border and then released into the country. Does it concern you that he was in the country for weeks? Why or why not? Do you think this happens more often than Americans know?