Swim Team Investigated

(RightIsRight.co) – Heading into the New Year, a prominent college swim and dive program is under suspension amid serious hazing allegations, following a controversy that erupted in early September.

The college in question is Boston College, and the investigation into both the men’s and women’s teams is ongoing, with results expected to be released in early January 2024.

The accusations against the swim and dive team are grave and disturbing. Reports suggest team members were subjected to excessive drinking and forced to consume their own vomit, according to a letter obtained by the campus newspaper. This letter, sent by an administrator in the Office of the Dean of Students, has not been published but has been a central piece in the unfolding investigation.

The severity of these allegations is reflected in the team’s social media silence, with their Instagram account inactive for the past three months. Furthermore, the team’s inability to practice this semester has raised questions about their participation in the upcoming meet scheduled for January 13.

Boston College is reportedly working with law enforcement on this matter. However, the specifics of the involved law enforcement agency remain unclear. The Newton police have denied involvement in the investigation, and the Boston Police Department has yet to respond to inquiries.

The legal battle surrounding this case saw attorneys fail to obtain an injunction that would allow the team to resume practice during the investigation. Tara Davis, an attorney with the Nesenoff & Miltenberg law firm, expressed disappointment at the denial of the temporary restraining order sought by the swimmers. The mental health strain on the team due to the suspension is a growing concern, with the swimmers now opting to dismiss their lawsuit.

Criticism has been directed at Boston College’s administration and BC Athletics for implying that the claims against the swim and dive team have been substantiated, despite the investigation being in its early stages. Legal representatives Andrew Miltenberg and Davis have condemned the premature issuance of statements by the university as negligent and damaging to the team members.

Adding fuel to the situation, swimmers facing accusations will primarily have to respond to questions without direct legal representation. According to a university letter sent to the accused athletes, while they may have an advisor present during hearings, these advisors are not permitted to speak on their behalf.