Taylor Swift Slammed

(RightIsRight.co) – Taylor Swift known both for her global pop superstardom and her stance on climate change is facing criticism again for her private jet use.

This time the buzz is about her jet flying from Sydney, Australia to Hawaii to pick up her boyfriend Travis Kelce and then flying back to Australia for her tour. Swifties and climate activists are not happy about the carbon footprint of this round trip.

Swift had previously been criticized for her travel habits, especially after a quick trip from Japan to Las Vegas for Super Bowl 58, only to head straight back to her tour. Kelce, who had just won the Super Bowl with his team, did not join Swift on tour immediately due to team commitments.

However, on Feb. 21, Kelce flew to Australia on Swift’s Bombardier Global 6000 jet, as reported by Newsweek. The flight caught widespread attention, with aviation enthusiasts and environmentalists tracking the jet online. Over 9,000 people followed the journey, making it one of the most-watched flights at the time.

X user Oli London’s post about the jet’s journey quickly spread online. London pointed out, “The round trip will emit 3 metric tons of CO2,” highlighting the environmental impact by adding, “The CO2 emissions equate to melting 95.4 square feet of Arctic sea ice.”

Swift’s use of private jets has long been a point of contention, particularly because she voices concern over climate change. The situation escalated when Swift threatened legal action against a Florida college student, Jack Sweeney, 21, who gained attention for tracking her plane’s movements. In December, Sweeney received a cease-and-desist letter from Swift’s legal team, warning him to stop his “stalking and harassing behavior.”

The letter stated that Sweeney’s tracking caused “direct and irreparable harm, as well as emotional and physical distress” to Swift and her family, putting the singer in a “constant state of fear for her personal safety.” Swift’s attorney Katie Wright Morrone of the Washington law firm Venable emphasized the seriousness of the situation contrasting it with what might seem like a game or a path to fame for Sweeney calling it a “life-or-death matter” for Swift.