Tech Heiress Is Being Labeled the New George Soros

Tech Heiress Is Being Labeled the New George Soros

( – While some philanthropists like to be publicly appreciated for their donations, others prefer to give in secret. One such quiet giver uses her $16-billion net worth to influence a variety of media sources to suit her own needs and values, quite similar to the notorious “philanthropist” George Soros.

According to Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow, Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs, is “comparable” to billionaire and “one-man piggy bank” George Soros, who is known for influencing media and supporting the radical Left agenda. Jobs runs the Emerson Collective (EC), a limited liability company, which helps keep her financial donations secret.

However, according to Marlow, Jobs helps fund all of the following Left-leaning news organizations:

  • The Atlantic
  • Now This
  • Axios
  • Courier Newsroom
  • ProPublica

Marlow detailed more about Jobs’ meddling on Breitbart News:

In a world where it seems everyone wants to influence how we think and view the world, it’s vital to have trustworthy news sources that share the facts while limiting bias and personal preference. One of the first steps to understanding a source’s perspective is to know who is paying their salaries, and for many, that turns out to be Laurene Powell Jobs.

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