Teens Shot Outside Top Political Candidate’s Home

Lee Zeldin and family

(RightIsRight.co) – Over the weekend, gunfire shattered the normally quiet neighborhood where New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin and his family live.

When the gunfire stopped, two teenagers were shot outside the Zeldin residence while Zeldin’s twin daughters were inside the home just feet from where bullets were flying.

Zeldin, who is running on a law and order platform due to skyrocketing crime in New York, is just a few points behind current Governor Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, in the most recent polls with the election just a month away.

As the New York Post lays out the disturbing story in a piece headlined “Two teens shot outside NY gov candidate Lee Zeldin’s home while daughters inside“:

Two young men were shot outside the Long Island home of GOP gubernatorial candidate Rep. Lee Zeldin on Sunday while his twin teenage daughters were at home, he confirmed to The Post.

“‘My daughters Mikayla and Arianna were doing homework on the first floor,’ said Zeldin, who was not at the house in Shirley at the time. ‘They heard the shots. Boom! They went upstairs and locked themselves in the bathroom.’

“‘They’re freaked out,’ the congressman said of his 16-year-old girls. ‘One of the bullets was found 30 feet from where my daughters were doing their homework.'” [emphasis added]

Zeldin and his wife are infuriated by the rising levels of crime that have now hit so close to home that one of the victims was found under his porch.

“‘Crime is out of control,’ Zeldin said in a statement. ‘Like so many New Yorkers, crime literally made its way to our front doorstep.’

“‘There was blood in the rock right next to the porch,’ Zeldin added. ‘One of the shooting victims was underneath the porch. The other was underneath bushes near the porch.'” [emphasis added]

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