The One Thing Trump Won’t Mock Biden For

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

On Thursday (June 1), former President Donald Trump revealed that he previously contacted Fox News host Sean Hannity and told him to stop making fun of President Biden’s cognitive abilities.

Speaking at an Iowa town hall event with Hannity, where they spoke at length about Biden’s fall earlier in the day at the Air Force Academy commencement ceremony, Trump made his remarks.

While Trump acknowledged it was a “bad fall,” but wouldn’t go any further.

Hannity noted that Trump was reluctant to attack Biden because of his physical and mental acuity, though the Fox host said he had no problem doing so himself.

“I asked Sean not to joke about it,” Trump revealed.

Trump revealed he had told Hannity that it didn’t look good for anybody, including Hannity, to joke about it.

Earlier on Thursday, Biden tripped and fell on stage after about a two-hour event congratulating Air Force graduates.

The White House explained Biden was fine after the fall, with the President himself pointing to a sandbag on stage as the reason for his fall and later joked to reporters that he “got sandbagged.”

Biden, 80, is the oldest person ever to serve as President, and his age and mental acuity are likely to be key factors in his 2024 bid.

Trump, who turns 77 this month, faced questions about his physical condition in 2020 after he appeared to have trouble walking down a ramp during a speech at West Point.

When a crowd informed Trump about Biden’s fall, the former President said, “Well, I hope he wasn’t hurt,” adding that Biden had to be careful even if it meant “tiptoe[ing] down the ramp.”