These 2 Social Sites Aren’t Censored

These 2 Social Sites Aren't Censored

( – Sick and tired of your basic right to free speech being truncated by social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter? If you happen to be Conservative, it turns out you might not be alone in that sentiment.

Nearly 90% of all Republicans feel that major social media sites intentionally target right-leaning Americans’ viewpoints, resulting in suspensions, bans, and post deletions. Appeals seem to fall on deaf ears.

It happens all too often, frankly, and the transgressions are often incredibly mild. Several people have had their accounts closed for simply sharing posts from the POTUS. In fact, even President Trump himself has been on the receiving end of unfair censorship.

The answer seems simple: don’t remain where you clearly aren’t wanted. But with how prevalent sites like Facebook and Twitter operate in our world, is it really possible to find a decent alternative? Are there even any “free speech” zones left?

Great news: the answer is yes!

Both Parler and MeWe have attracted intense attention for serving up a free-speech social experience in recent months. But interest really ramped up after election night in response to platforms unfairly targeting the President as he shared his opinions on the result.

Parler CEO John Matze, who reported the platform saw nearly 2 million signups in a single day around the same time, has deeply criticized Facebook and Twitter over their obvious biases.

Matze believes it’s time for people to stand up against censorship; it’s why he founded Parler in the first place. And while the site has experienced growing pains, mostly related to the sheer volume of use, its administrators remain committed to free speech. That’s a rare and admirable trait in today’s world. So, if you’re looking for greener pastures, why not start there?

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