These American Citizens Went Above & Beyond in 2020

These American Citizens Went Above & Beyond In 2020

( – Admit it: 2020 started out on a bad foot that was ushered in with coronavirus quickly on its heels. While the medical industry worked diligently to help those they could, essential workers also carried out their part. But what about those on the sidelines, such as everyday citizens that went above and beyond?

We’re talking about people like Relentless Truth:

These citizens are Homegrown Heroes, and they deserve recognition. But they aren’t alone in their desire to do better. The Americans listed below also went above and beyond to ensure communities in this great country got the help they deserved — and they’re still at it now.

  • Yuri Williams, Los Angeles, CA. Though he runs a nonprofit organization, Future Superhero and Friends, Williams is most commonly seen walking the streets of Skid Row dressed as Spider-Man. When he isn’t, you’ll find him working for his organization, helping out the homeless, sick children, single moms, veterans groups, and more with food, clothing, sleeping bags, toys, and even time.
  • Manan Dave, Connecticut. Dave is a pharmacist who not only takes his work seriously by working long hours, but also supports his community. Once his shift is completed he can be found delivering medicine to those unable to leave their homes. He also helps those needing access to hand sanitizer and brings much-needed medical supplies to nursing homes and assisted living communities.
  • Greg Dailey, New Jersey. Dailey’s job was to simply deliver newspapers until an elderly customer requested he leave it closer to the door for her convenience. This made him consider how difficult it may be for his elderly customers to get groceries. He began offering to deliver food orders to the housebound, and now delivers groceries to over 900 customers.
  • Eufaula, Alabama, Police Department (EPD). With so many restaurants and truckstops closing off their dining areas, truck drivers are finding it more difficult than ever to stop for a meal. EPD helps by offering to either pick a meal up or drive them to a drive-thru (where they can’t take their big rigs). Even if there isn’t enough manpower to assist, they will still find someone to help a driver. If you are a truck driver, or know of one going through that area, please call 334-687-1200, Option 0, and they will be happy to help you.

There are many more examples across the country of ways Americans are coming together for each other. It’s a great example of how the heartbeat of America still beats strong when times get tough, especially when we all do our part.

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