These People Are Abandoning the Democratic Party in DROVES

Joe Biden

( – As President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and the Democratic Party’s approval ratings with American voters plummet, one group that is clearly abandoning them is Hispanic voters.

Once a reliable voting block for Democrats, many Hispanic voters are looking elsewhere when it comes to the party and the candidates they will support.

According to the conservative Washington Examiner newspaper in a piece published today:

Democrats are losing their edge with Hispanic voters, and prominent members of the minority community are sounding the alarm to President Joe Biden and their Capitol Hill colleagues before next year’s midterm cycle.

Democrats no longer have an advantage with Hispanic voters when they were asked whether they would support their local Democratic or Republican congressional candidate if the midterm elections were held today, according to a Wall Street Journal poll last week.” [emphasis added]

Why? According to Republican strategist Cesar Conda, one primary reason is that “Hispanics are horrified that the Democrats are implementing the same kind of socialism that many of them escaped from in their home countries.” [emphasis added]

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Do you agree with Republican strategist Cesar Conda that one primary reason is that Hispanics are concerned that the Democratic Party is becoming a party of socialism just like what many Hispanics escaped from in their home countries? Why or why not?

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