This Story Perfectly Captures The COVID Crazies

Marisa Fotieo

( – We may have reached the height of the pandemic craziness that infects some Americans.

A woman who was triple vaxed and was traveling on an airline while double-masked tested positive for COVID-19 while mid-flight and then decided she would self-quarantine in the bathroom – yes, the aircraft’s bathroom – for three hours until the plane landed.

According to CNN:

Before the flight, Fotieo [who is fully vaccinated and has received the booster] told CNN she took two PCR tests and about five rapid tests, all of which came back negative. But about an hour and a half into the flight, Fotieo started to feel a sore throat.” [emphasis added]

Because of the sore throat, Fotieo self-administered another rapid test, and it came up positive. By her admission, Fotieo then “started to panic.”

“The first flight attendant I ran into was Rocky. I was hysterical, I was crying,” Fotieo said. “I was nervous for my family who I just had dinner with. I was nervous for the other people on the plane. I was nervous for myself.” [emphasis added]

When told there were no other seats available where she’d be somewhat distanced from her family and others, the panicking Fotieo decided to take matters into her own hands.

“‘When she came back and told me she couldn’t find enough seating, I opted to stay in the bathroom because I did not want to be around others on the flight,’ Fotieo said.” [emphasis added]

And, that is where Fotieo remained for the rest of the flight – another three hours.

What do you think of this woman’s actions? Please email [email protected] and share your opinion about what she did. Did you agree she overreacted? Why or why not?

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