Thrift Store Painting Worth Five Figures

Thrift Store Painting Worth Five Figures

( – Many people enjoy thrift store shopping and searching random goods for small treasures to decorate their homes or turn into new works of art. Sometimes, those searches leave shoppers empty-handed. But, for one Canadian man, his thrift store excursion left him quite a bit richer than before.

The weekend of August 7, Stephen Burgess, a man from British Columbia, Canada, headed to a Courtenay Value Village thrift store for some paintings and frames to decorate his home. One remarkable gold frame caught his eye, so he chose to pay somewhere around $100 for the painting. After a bit of research, Burgess realized the painting was likely an original.

One American shared this incredible story on Twitter:

After digging a little deeper, Burgess discovered that Dutch painter Gerritjen Wijmer likely painted the artwork. Wijmer’s work typically sells for anywhere between $5,000 and $350,000 dollars, meaning if Burgess decides to sell the painting, he could turn quite the profit.

Burgess, who is a general practitioner, told local news stations he plans to donate the proceeds of the sale to a local hospice foundation. This story is not only a thrilling tale of finding lost treasure, but also a heartwarming moment where we see people choosing to share their good fortune with others.

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